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When writing an essay it is imperative and mandatory to cite your sources. Otherwise, one will be guilty of plagiarism because you have not cited the sources upon which your research is based. Citing your sources not only shields you from being accused of plagiarizing but it also gives your readers an opportunity to locate the sources to which you referred with ease. Additionally, it offers you an opportunity to give credit to the author whose ideas were used in the essay. Citing a working solely depends on your writing style and the nature of source being employed. Multiple instructors indicate the writing style to be used in an essay but some allow their students to choose as long as they maintain a consistent format throughout the paper.

The most conventional way to cite in an essay is to include information in two places. The first place is in the bibliography section that appears at the end of your essay. The second part is in your body (Skyline College).  The bibliography section contains a list of all the citations. The title of the citation depends on the writing style being employed. For instance, when using the APA style the title of the citations is referred to as ‘references’ while the title ‘work cited’  is employed when one is citing sources using MLA style.  The citations should be formatted in a consistent style.

The citation information included in the body of your essay is known as the “in-text citation.’ One should include the right information in the in-text citation and the right information is dependent on the writing style being used (Skyline College). For instance, when using the MLA style, you include the name of the author whose ideas have been used and the page so that the reader can know where in the source can they find the information. The most basic time to use an in-text citation is when you quote directly from a source. Nonetheless, it should also be used every time information obtained from a source was utilized.

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